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OTs Get Paid Podcast

Jan 22, 2021

Welcome to episode 1!


To kick off our very first episode, I'm giving you an intro of who I am and what makes me qualified to highlight OT Entrepreneurs. What's the real vision and drive behind the OTs Get Paid podcast. And, am I really going to be focusing more on INCOME versus IMPACT, as it relates to being an occupational therapist? Don't you get your "helper" badge revoked for that kind of talk? Tune in and see!

Episode Notes

I discuss:

  • What drew me to the field of OT?
  • Was my Dad proud of my undergrad degree? (hint: NO)
  • How my OT class remains a main pillar in my life
  • the time I got caught in a BIG LIE with the Chair of the OT Department at the University of Toronto
  • What is a "Silopreneur?"
  • The major shift of working IN my business to working ON my business
  • What's the one thing I did to help my bricks and mortar clinic grow in gross revenue after one surprisingly flat year.

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