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OTs Get Paid Podcast

May 31, 2022

This week’s podcast brings a totally different perspective on starting a business.

I’m joined by an OT who grew a successful business despite hearing — repeatedly — that there’s no way it would work.

💥 She pitched a business collaboration idea — they shut her down.

💥 She spoke with another OT about her idea — she was told, “Mental health OTs can’t do that.”

💥 The marketplace for her services didn’t exist — she was the first to try.

💥 She didn’t have a guide — she learned by trial and error.

💥 The currency conversion means she pays a LOT in USD for online platforms.

Despite all these roadblocks, she started an OT business that fits her lifestyle and changes lives.

Are you curious about how she overcame — and what advice she has for you? It’s all in this week’s episode. Enjoy!


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