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OTs Get Paid Podcast

Apr 26, 2022

This week’s podcast highlights an OT who started out just like you.

A clinician who was doing the typical OT thing — exploring her interests and diving deeper into a treatment modality she loved.

She also wanted more — more flexibility, more income, and more impact! (sound familiar?)

And she didn’t have an easy road while building her business, in fact life seemed to throw a whole truckload of lemons at her all at once.

She could have quit. Many of us would have… but she took one little step at a time, and just— kept—going.

The OT I’m talking about is Cheryl Albright of Soul to Soul Yoga.

You won’t believe everything she had to juggle while she was building her business! And she’s sharing her secrets for surviving through it all!

Listen to this week’s episode and share the love with a friend!

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