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OTs Get Paid Podcast

Jan 18, 2022

It’s here! The deep dive into my 2021 goals and strategy – Part Two. The wins, the misses, and the lessons learned. If you missed part one, swing back to S2 E16 and listen! 

I’m doubling down to create a business that serves my audience well AND provides more peace in my own life – listen and learn how. 

This week’s episode of OTs Get Paid covers two focus areas in my 2021 strategic plan: Operations & Marketing. 

Having a strategic plan allows you to easily review the year and reset/realign goals to keep your business moving forward. 

I reviewed a year’s worth of CEO reports (my weekly reflections) and added in some common questions. 

Some highlights are: 

  1. How to know who to hire
  2. Finding a deeper meaning while digging company branding
  3. Social media – It’s a work in progress to meet your needs without adding noise. 
  4. Making my business 100% mobile – why this is important for my wellness and serving my clients to the best of my ability. 

Side Note and support for anyone who’s in a similar spot: 

Being a single parent to young adults during a pandemic, running businesses, selling a business, and having an unanticipated and difficult event all wove together to make for an incredibly tough year. 

Reflecting on all of this helped me find this year’s word: Kindness

Kindness to myself in all areas to allow healing, growth, and peace. 

In order to keep serving the female OT entrepreneurs that I’m so passionate about, I have to take care of myself and be kind. I’m willing to bet MANY of you can relate. 

I challenge you to incorporate kindness to yourself into your 2022 intentions as well. 

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