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OTs Get Paid Podcast

Feb 8, 2022

I hear it over and over again… OTs feel stifled by the insurance-dictated scope of practice.

I’d even wager that this narrow treatment scope is a primary cause of burnout in OT. (You can probably relate?)

💥 OTs are made for so much more!

More than ADLs
More than handwriting
More than 60 minute, weekly sessions

OTs have the perfect blend of knowledge and skills to improve people’s lives like no other profession… but breaking past the insurance barrier is a beast!

If you can relate (and I bet you can), then you’ll love this week’s episode of the OTs Get Paid Podcast.

Jill Garaffa joins me to share how she entered the field of OT full of passion, but quickly became frustrated with the limitations of insurance.

Jill’s path into a fulfilling, OT-based coaching career will certainly surprise you! (I’m hoping it lights a fire under you as well — giving you the courage to think bigger for yourself!)

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