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OTs Get Paid Podcast

Mar 7, 2022

Your business is always on your mind, right?

Whether you’re an Underpaid Therapist with a Business, a Feast or Famine Owner, or a Money to Spare CEO – you’re constantly faced with decisions.

Taking time to slow down and think is the work that drives your business to the next level, and helps you avoid the dreaded shiny-object syndrome.

One of our core values here at OTs Get Paid is, “We Walk Alongside.” We’re not afraid to share and grow with you.

Let me tell ya – we don’t have it all figured out either. One thing I do know is that transparently sharing our journey tends to help other OT business owners.

That’s why this week’s podcast episode is about how I slowed down so we can speed up down the road.

Listen now, and share the love with a friend!

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