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OTs Get Paid Podcast

Sep 14, 2021

Sales don’t have to be sleazy. It’s time to get comfortable with charging for what your product is worth. In this episode, I’m joined by OT Lindsey Vestal of The Functional Pelvis.

Lindsey reveals her 3 Money Mindset Issues:
• There is a market for every price.
• Selling as a service.
• The conflict between being in health care and making money.

Lindsey and I also discuss:

• Working ON your business rather than IN your business.
• Paying yourself and designing a business with low-fixed expenses.
• Implementing a profitable business structure.
• Deciding on what critical things to place your focus.
• Consider getting big by getting niche, marketing often fails because we aren’t being specific enough.
• How being client centered can create a sales problem and how to tackle this.
• How to sell a preeminent price.


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