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OTs Get Paid Podcast

Feb 15, 2022

Are you afraid to start your OT business or side-hustle because you’re not totally sure it’s “the one” you want to stick with for the long-haul? This is totally common.

This week’s episode of the OTs Get Paid Podcast will get your business idea moving toward reality!

I’m joined by Reina Olivera, who provides incredible insight and living proof that it’s ok to create a business you love… and then transform it as you grow and change!

You’ll hear tips and insight from Reina’s brand shift from The Telehealth OT to the founder of the Business To Boss program. This doesn’t just apply to online businesses however, it applies to any type of business – mobile, bricks and mortar, telehealth, products, coaching, or whatever you’re dreaming up!

Reina also highlights how business coaching has empowered her and accelerated her business growth.

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